About Our Unique Jewelry for Women



Our pearls are all genuine and come from suppliers who have direct access to the pearl farms in China and in other parts of the world.  There are no middlemen; very simply, the pearls come from the farms to our suppliers, then to us, and then to you.  Many people have a hard time believing some of the pearls are genuine because they are unusual, not always of the strictly “round” variety, and because of the attractive prices at which we are able to sell them.  It is not unusual to see some of the types of pearls we feature being sold by large retailers and fine jewelry stores at much higher prices.


We do not have a store.  We generally host three or four shows a year in Michigan at which we display our goods (see “Events”) and we always draw a large crowd, mostly because friends of customers want to come to see if they can also purchase some of the unique jewelry. Each of our events is considered by many to be a “happening”, similar to an art exhibit with good food and good company. We also participate in charity events (e.g., Henry Ford Hospital’s Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and Friends boutique luncheons and Planned Parenthood at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial) where we set up a selection of our jewelry.  In addition, we host events in New York and Chicago where we have many customers who are excited to come to “jewelry parties” hosted by our (adult) children. We also are willing to do private parties hosted by customers; and, of course, we sell through this website.


Our prices are very affordable.  Our overhead is lower because we do not have a store and because we buy directly from the manufacturers.  We can match our bargaining skills with the best of those who frequent Asian markets.  Also, because we have treated this as a “hobby” business and not as one needed to support our families, our prices are low and we always have many inexpensive items, such as barrettes, painted bottles, funky bracelets and lower priced pearls which are great items for gift-giving, especially around the holidays.

Other Locations

Our pieces are also featured at a high-end jewelry store in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and at three upscale fur and jewelry boutiques located in luxury hotels in Boston


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